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Interested in achieving optimal health, well-being and resilience in order to take the best of yourself into life? 
Perform-well is an integrated mobile health, well-being and performance program that brings leading-edge psychology and physiology tools to the palms of your hands to help you thrive. 

Our story

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Peak Performance Profiles is not your typical Psychology service. Grounded in Positive Psychology and drawing upon our research with Australian Cricket Legends and Olympic Athletes, we have developed a unique approach to unlock peak performance and well-being. In a nutshell, we are more interested in amplifying what's right about you than identifying 'whats wrong'. Learn more about the story behind Peak Performance Profiles.


Working with Rory was an integral part of my build up towards the Rio Olympics.
From simple conversations and observations, he helped me consider and transform my thought processes into thoughts and attitudes that were going to make me shine. I’d done all of the physical work and now I needed to prepare mentally. I have no doubt that working with Rory during this stage of my career has enabled me to get the most out of myself. I absolutely attribute his input and expert advice to my successful performance at the Rio Olympics.
— Eloise Wellings, Australian Olympic Runner

I’ve been involved with high performance sport on an international level for over 5 years with access to a sports psychologist. In the past, I’ve typically only used them when I’m struggling, when I’m in desperate need. Using Peak Performance Profiles was the first time I’ve proactively sought out advice, and the process was so quick and easy. The feedback I received got me starting to think about what I want to focus on (my goal setting), and from there, I was given a framework to work with. Even though the profiling was done online, I still had access to a real conversation and I was able to ask questions whenever I needed. I would highly recommend Peak Performance Profiles for any level, for any reason (even if you think you’re 100% on top of your game).
— Brooke Neal, NZ Olympic Hockey Player