Peak Performance Profiles was founded by Rory Darkins, a psychology researcher, athlete and high performance coach who is passionate about well-being and peak-performance.

Rory has a diverse sporting background, having spent several years travelling the world pursuing professional cricket before settling in Sydney where he is now based. Rory is also a competitive runner and has competed internationally in Surf Lifesaving 2km beach run events and trained with national and olympic-level runners. Since 2014, Rory has worked with elite, professional and Olympic athletes from numerous sports in his role as a high performance conditioning coach with Jock Athletic.

This pursuit of personal excellence is what first sparked Rory’s interest in the mental side of sport. Like many athletes, he wanted to know how to get the best out of himself so he took a keen interest in the stories of successful athletes and completed his Psychology degrees whilst travelling with sport. In 2015, Rory began a research project in which he interviewed six of Australia’s greatest cricket captains and coaches about their experiences of well-being in elite sport. Rory presented these findings at the Canadian Positive Psychology Conference and subsequently spoke on a panel for elite sport at the Australian Positive Psychology and Well-being conference in Adelaide.

Peak Performance Profiles was founded as a platform for Rory to set about helping others enhance their performance and well-being in their sport and everyday lives. Through 1-1 consultations, online programs and ongoing support, Peak Performance Profiles brings the best of positive psychology and sport psychology to you.

What makes PPP Unique?

Based on Positive Psychology – This means we focus on your strengths and values as the basis for change and empower you to be your best. Positive Psychology - the science of optimal functioning - is still a relatively emerging field. Having attended and presented at global conferences, Rory is right up with the latest in Positive Psychology and is ahead of the curve in applying the latest research to elite sport. 

We know elite sport – Rory hasn’t just read all the books, he has trained and advised Olympic athletes, is an athlete himself and understands the multifaceted physical and psychological demands of sport.

We start with you  Peak Performance Profiles is the opposite of a one-size-fits-all approach to peak performance. We know that peak performance and true well-being are a product of you being your true, best self and applying that to what you do. We help you uncover and unpack this so you can be at your best within your sport and everyday life.

Online availability – You do not have to based in Sydney (or Australia) to reap the benefits Peak Performance Profiles consultations and programs. Rory works with athletes all over the world and is available for Skype consultations. All resources and processes used in sessions and programs are designed for online coaching.