Feeling flat?
Not able to be at your best?

Life is full of challenges, many of which can have negative impacts on our physical health, psychological well-being and overall performance. But what if you were equiped, physically and mentally, with the awareness, support and tools to not just get through these challenges, but to thrive amidst them?

It is my belief that everyone has the right to thrive, which is why I have created a program to empower you to experience physical and mental well-being and take the best of yourself into what you do.

Introducing 'Perform-well'

Perform-well is an integrated health, well-being and performance program that brings together leading-edge psychology and physiology methods into one efficient, personalised package. Perform-well was initially developed by Rory to enable ongoing assessment and monitoring of key markers of health, well-being, resilience, recovery and performance in his elite athletes as they travelled overseas. This program is now open to anyone who wants to thrive in all areas of life.

Ideal for:
Anyone who wants to experience the energy and well-being required to feel their best and be their best. 


  • 1-1 assessment (in person or Skype) to identity key areas to improve physical and psychological performance & well-being
  • Weekly check-in & goal-setting
  • Daily heart rate variability 'readiness' monitoring using mobile app 
  • Analysis and interpretation of personal health and performance trends
  • Online resources and individual coaching support


  • Improved awareness of key performance variables
  • Improved ability to manage and recover from physical and psychological stressors
  • Enhanced energy
  • Improved psychological well-being